The concept

CAMEO ITALIANO was founded by the Di Luca family to tell the story of a jewel that comes from the sea and belongs to a tribe of travelling people. They jealously guarded the art, spreading the tradition and techniques of the artisan Cameo of Torre del Greco around Italy and the rest of the world. The greatest satisfaction for the family is spreading our national culture.


The Di Luca family projects the unique beauty of the cameo into the contemporary world. An accessible luxury jewel was fashioned to preserve the value of ancient craftsmanship. Cameo Italiano puts design at the centre of shell-based creations, spreading the beauty and history of the cameo all over the world.


So that each jewel is unique and different, CAMEO ITALIANO constantly invests in research and experimentation, entrusting the charm of imperfection to the skill of Torre del Greco master engravers. We enhance and enrich the seductive history of the cameo, experimenting with new guises and unique creations, combining experience and new creative techniques..

CRAFTSMANSHIPWe preserve the inestimable value of a deeply traditional Italian art.

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